Monday, May 21, 2018

Parental Monitoring App TeenSafe Leaks User Credentials

Parental Monitoring App TeenSafe Leaks User Credentials

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Today's Talent, Benny Hernandez

I had and have the privilege to meet a man 
who lost his wife when the kids were young. Widowed father played two roles; Father and Mother. The kids are grown now and he uses painting to pass time.

Benny Hernandez, a Hispanic/Native American is a natural painter, there is no outline, numbers, nor scheching.  Benny Hernandez mixes all his colors, blends, shades; etc...

Benny's inspiration has been and still is Mr. Bob Ross. Benny has painted many of canvases and only gets better with age. Unlike Ross, Benny paints on 16X20 canvases. He loves to paint mountain sceneries. 

The paintings are acrylics and he uses no oils. Paintings are free hand out of his own visualization;  oh believe me, I've seen him at work.  I will post some canvases on here for visitors to see the talent. If anyone's interested, comment on this post and we will go from there by contacting myself at the information below, thank you.